BB’s Cafe launches their first official Happy Hour

BB’s Café introduces VOODOO HALF-HOUR!

If you didn’t know we had a Happy Hour, it’s probably because we never really talked about it. Yup, not a good thing BUT the fact is that we always “discreetly” had a Happy Hour until NOW. The truth is that we always have been keen to LATE NIGHT Howlers at the Moon and dare we say…New Orleans Voodoo. Happy Hour wasn’t really our thing until we realized that we had more than one bar and not everyone is a night owl. So we decided to jump on the wagon and join the early drinking party.

So what’s up with the voodoo?…

There is something interesting about Voodoo and New Orleans. Whether it’s a Love Spell you need, or a curse to ward off old flames; everyone needs a concoction or two some time to take the edge off.  I mean let’s face it: LIFE TAKES EFFORT, and if it weren’t for the joys of YUM cuisine or a bit of spirits, we all would be relaxin’ a lot less often.

When we were thinking of ways to make Happy Hour interesting, it wasn’t really about who would come but WHY you would come. We understand that Happy Hour is for a short time, (and most of us work up until at least 5pm)… so we decided to give you a few reasons to try and make it when you might need a spell to lift your spirit or an early bite to feed DA’ soul.

There are simple things in life that make most of our customers happy. One of those things is SEAFOOD (for example RAW OYSTERS on the HALF SHELL, and served with cocktail, tartar and crackers). Another one of those things is WINE. BB’s Café has made both available to you at 1/2 off every Monday-Friday from 3pm-6:30pm. That’s not all though. Check out our Voodoo Half Hour deals below:

1/2 off Wine

1/2 off dozen Oysters on the Half Shell

1/2 off dozen boiled shrimp

1/2 off Hurricanes

$2 domestics

$3 Abita Pints

$3 Wells

We hope to see you for an early (or late) bite. Much yum.

*Dine-in only