Our Crawfish Style: Tex-Orleans, Baby!

cajun food

Houston is a glorious, delicious melting pot. We are a diverse city, rich in culture and steeped in flavor. Just think for a moment about the range of restaurants that you can find in Houston–where else would you find countless authentic or uniquely different restaurants? One of the best examples is Houston’s approach to Crawfish. Restaurants across Houston offer Thai-basil and lemongrass flavored crawfish, Vietnamese Crawfish Pho, Crawfish Noodle dishes, Cajun style Crawfish and Tex-Orleans Crawfish.

BB's Cafe Crawfish MenuAt BB’s, we serve distinctly Tex-Orleans recipes developed in-house. And we have an amazing recipe for our crawfish, you betta believe! While we can’t give out our secrets, we can share that our process involves picking the biggest bugs on the market (size of bugs depends on numerous conditions), seasoning the boil and shaking the big mudbugs in a BB’s Tex-Orleans paste that our customers LOVE. We choose not to soak our crawfish. We are not, and have never advertised that we are authentic Cajun food. We do things differently, and we think that’s one of the reasons why Houston loves us.

Crawfish season at BB’s starts today! We are thrilled for the beginning of the season, and we know you are too! So, we want to take a moment to share with you that in 2016, we are taking a greener approach to our crawfish and sides. In 2015, we saw that more often than not, our sides were left behind on crawfish trays causing us to throw out 100s of pounds of corn & potatoes. We order fresh and delicious meats, fish, crawfish and veggies and want to honor the farmers that took the time to grow and raise what we purchase. This year, there will be a small charge for adding corn and potatoes to your crawfish trays. The crawfish themselves will be the same scrumptious, big bugs as 2015 and in years past. Come on in today!

BB’s Tex-Orleans Crawfish Menu