Customer of the Month: Marc & Kiley S.

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We are so thrilled to feature Marc & Kiley S, long time fans of BB’s Cafe, as this month’s Customer (couple) of the Month!

Kiley & MicahWhat is your Houston story? Did you grow up here, or move here as quick as you could?

Kiley: I grew up right outside New Orleans, and my husband grew up in Houston, so BB’s is a natural fit for us. Marc and I met at the University of St. Thomas when I was 19 and he 21. Early in our dating days, BB’s on Montrose quickly became our go-to late night spot. As we grew older, the White Oak location became our “Sunday Funday” spot. And now after the birth of our son, the Richmond location has morphed into our “let’s get the baby out of the house” spot.

If you could steal the recipe to one BB’s Dish, what would it be and why?

White LinenKiley: Without question Maw’s Maw’s Grillades and Grits. So good.
Marc: I would steal the recipe for the Tex-Cajun Virgin Fries. Mainly because it’s a perfect blend of fries, queso, and roast beef–need I say more?! But, also because it takes me back to my younger days when the only BB’s available was the Montrose location and we needed a good late night restaurant that wasn’t fast food. That meal was our go-to late night dish that we would share. It’s got a special place in my belly.

What does Tex-Orleans mean to you?

Kiley: What does Tex-Orleans mean to my husband and I? The perfect blend of Creole flavor served up big with a healthy amount of queso. Sort of like our marriage.

We are thankful for all of our customers–we love every one of you! To show our love, we will continue to highlight one customer each month who exhibits a certain joie de vivre. If you haven’t yet, join our Krewe of Cravings mailing list for news, deals and more. XOXO – Stay tuned for more!