Customer of the Month: Tina N.

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Tina has been a long-time supporter of BB’s and we are so excited to share her BB’s story as this month’s Customer of the Month!

What is your Houston story? Did you grow up here, or move here as quick as you could?

I was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to Houston, Texas with my family over 45 years ago.

If you could steal the recipe to one BB’s Dish, what would it be and why?

After working in the corporate world for almost 30 years, I decided to retire and raise my family in Pearland.  My husband and our four children moved to Pearland, Texas eight years ago. I soon realized that Pearland was lacking in the finer Restaurant’s and night life. Since we were somewhat new to the area, I decided to create a group page on Facebook called Pearland Eats. This group page allows members to post their reviews of restaurants, new restaurants that are being built in Pearland and how to get other establishments to come to Pearland. Over a year ago, I had the pleasure of eating at BB’s in the Heights and I could not stop thinking or talking about it. I soon took to your social media page and begged you to open a restaurant here in Pearland. I’m not sure if this is how it all came about but I’m sure happy it did. 

Shrimp and GritsI am also on the volunteer committee called  Economic Development committee of Pearland.  This past year we tried to get the liquor law passed here but we were just short a few hundred votes. We hope to get it passed this next time around. After retiring I found that I am able to be more involved in my community and love the foodie world. I also created a blog and facebook page “What’s for dinner? Mom” which has over 60 thousand followers. I’m not a professional chef at all but I love cooking. If I had to choose a dish that I would love to steal the recipe for, it would be BB’s Shrimp and Grits!

What does Tex-Orleans mean to you?

Tex-Orleans means the spice of Texas Heat and the New Orleans creole and Cajun cuisine. The two combinations are like yin and yang; can’t have one without the other.  As Emeril always says you have to “Kick it up a notch” and that’s what Tex-Orleans means to me.

We are thankful for all of our customers–we love every one of you! To show our love, we will continue to highlight one customer each month who exhibits a certain joie de vivre. If you haven’t yet, join our Krewe of Cravings mailing list for news, deals and more. XOXO – Stay tuned for more!