How to Have a Prosperous New Year in Houston!

Holidays bring forth many food related traditions. Southerners pull out all the stops when it comes to superstitions and luck, New Years day meals are no exception.  It’s common for a New Years Day meal to consist of Black-eyed peas and greens due to the lucky year it’s rumored to bring. But do you know where this tradition comes from? Let’s take a look!

Lucky Black-eyed peas have a few rumored origin stories having to do with the Civil War. The story WE like most is they resemble coins, the cooked beans puffing up symbolizes growing wealth. (TIP: Eat 365 peas, one for every day of the year!) Likewise, collards greens also reminds us of folding money and by eating it, you allow yourself to have a prosperous New Year. I’ll take two of each please!

That being said, there are just as many, if not more, items to dodge on New Years Day too. Avoid any kind of poultry, for it is believed your good luck will “fly away.” Similarly, shell fish like lobster, shrimp or crab moving sideways and not forward will cause you to have a stationary year- just don’t do it! Finally, if you’re eating with a loved one, be sure not to pass a knife! This symbolized cutting ties with that person.

With a year like this one, we could all use a little luck and luckily for YOU, all of our locations around Houston are serving you a meal of health, wealth, and prosperity on New Years Day. Stop by for a meal of black eyed peas, collards greens and fried fish! You’re on your own with the knife passing though. Good luck and as they say in Cajun Country “Bonne Annee!”