Weatherman Predicts an Early Crawfish Season for Houston, TX!

BB's Tex-Orleans

We know you’ve been waiting all year for crawfish season. Frankly, we have too! Who doesn’t want lip smacking, mouthwatering, hot and spicy mudbugs?! But when is crawfish season? Good news, Houston! The weatherman tells us crawfish season is almost here! Unlike crab, oysters or shrimp, crawfish don’t have a set day to be “in season”, these fickle crustaceans need the perfect weather condition for them to be ready for the Cajun hot tub. What exactly are these conditions for the PERFECT crawfish season, you ask?! Lot’s of rain and warmer weather during the winter months, crawfish don’t like to come out when it’s too chilly. Lucky for us, we’ve had just that and finally you can have a reason to be grateful for the lack of snow days this year.

 The length of crawfish season can also vary from as early as December or January until as late as July. Just because crawfish season may be early, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will last a long time. The most reliable time to get some mud bugs are in the springtime and early summer from late February to May. That’s when they’ll be at their biggest size. Consequently, if a warmer winter leads to hot summer months of June, July and August this can induce what we like to call the “dry season” where the crawfish to return to their cool burrows in their rice field early, sometimes as deep as 10 feet! Like I said, fickle little bugs aren’t they?

Lucky for you, all BB’s Tex-Orleans locations will have crawfish ANY DAY NOW but with the change in weather we are keeping our fingers crossed that doesn’t change. Prices generally start on the higher side at the beginning of the season due to limited supply and will drop with more frequent and prevalent catches as we get deeper into crawfish season. If you’re a novice crawfish eater and don’t know much to order, a good rule of thumb to remember is that the normal person will eat anywhere between 3 and 5 pounds. Remember, 5 pounds of crawfish will yield 1 pound of meat, where as 2 pounds of shrimp will be 1 pound of meat. Don’t forget to account for your add on kit consisting of corn, potatoes, sausage links and button mushrooms. But when it’s BB’s good, who’s counting?! Crawfish season is right around the corner. There is only one question left to ask yourself, do you want it the Louisiana Way or Texas Way?  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more crawfish announcements throughout the season. We have a lot of exciting news this year! 1/12/2021