Signs of a Good Crawfish Season in Houston, TX

Good news, Houston! The weatherman tells us crawfish season is almost here! Unlike crab or shrimp, crawfish don’t have a set time frame to be “in season”, these fickle crustaceans need the perfect weather condition for them to be ready for the Cajun hot tub. What exactly are these conditions, you ask?! Lot’s of rain and warmer weather during the winter months, crawfish don’t like to come out when it’s too chilly. Lucky for us, we’ve had just that and finally you can have a reason to be grateful for the lack of snow days this year. The length of crawfish season can also vary from as early as January until as late as July. The most reliable time to get some mud bugs are in the springtime and early summer from late February to May. An early, hot summer can cause the crawfish to return to their burrows in their rice field early. Like I said, they are fickle little crustaceans!

Lucky for you, all BB’s Tex-Orleans locations will have crawfish ANY DAY NOW but with the change in weather we are keeping our fingers crossed that doesn’t change. Keep following us to find out when the crawfish are here to boil! There is only one question left, do you want it the Louisiana or Texas Way? 

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