Crawfish are Here! How Will YOU Order?

live crawfish

BUGS are BOILING at ALL LOCATIONS, y’all! We’ve got crawfish, we’ve got add-ons, we’ve got your FAVORITE TEX-ORLEANS SEASONING! What are you waiting for? Let’s get to peeling!

The crawfish are here and you’ve got decisions to make! Let’s breakdown some options, shall be? Your waiter will probably ask you how you want your crawfish, the Texas way or the Louisiana Way? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Don’t worry we’ll break it down for ya!

The Texas way, consists of boiling crawfish in a pot water filled with spices, lemons, onions and garlic clean water and then tossed in the famous our famous paste that put BB’s Tex-Orleans on the map. YUMMM! You can also request EXTRA paste if you’re feelin’ saucy!

The Louisiana way, consists of cooking the crawfish in a pot of boiling spices just like the Texas Way. The only difference is it’s lightly dusted with a fine garlic blend for extra yummy flavor, just like the Cajun do.

As far as the dipping sauces you can choose from BB’s Special sauce is the Crawfish Dipping Sauce, crawfish seasoning and clarified butter.

Don’t forget your add on kit! This add on kit contains, a red potato, sausage link, corn and 1/4 pound of button mushrooms. You also have 4 different choices for sausage link flavors, smoked chicken and apple, smoked garlic, spicy alligator andouille and sweet and spicy pineapple.

There you have it, all the ways to order your BB’s crawfish! Now what are you waiting for? Come in and enjoy Houston’s best crawfish will all the fixins! See you soon!

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