The Best Stop for Boudin is Literally BB’s Tex-Orleans

BB’s Tex-Orleans

Boudin links are now being served at BB’s Tex-Orleans daily! We can’t take all the credit though because we are sourcing our Boudin from the best place to get boudin in Louisiana! Best Stop in Scott, Louisiana has the best Boudin we’ve tasted! Now you don’t have to drive all the way to Louisiana to get a taste of the Best Boudin ever! We had the opportunity to ask Jeremy Biddick, sales manager for The Best Stop in Scott, the story behind the legendary boudin and cracklin served at the Best Stop in Scott.

Story of The Best Stop Supermarket:

In 1986 facing a major downturn in Louisiana’s economy and needing extra income, Robert Cormier and his cousin Lawrence Menard (Uncle Brud) stepped out in faith and started The Best Stop Supermarket in Scott, Louisiana. They worked tirelessly seven days a week developing and refining their boudin, cracklin, sausage, specialty meats and Cajun seasoning recipes.

Robert and Lawrence had a straightforward goal when they created The Best Stop Supermarket. They wanted to provide the best specialty meats in Louisiana while creating a brand their families could be proud of. Over thirty years later with skyrocketing online sales, a second location in Duson and a wholesale facility in Scott, it’s clear that their vision was a success.

Despite the passing of Robert’s cousin and longtime business partner “Brud” (Lawrence) in 2008, The Best Stop remains a family business. Over the years, each of Robert’s four children have chosen to leave their respective careers and return to the red brick building in Scott to help their dad continue the legacy he and Brud began.

With a new generation of Cormier’s coming on board, new growth became possible. The Best Stop Supermarket e-commerce business expanded into its own building. A second location, The Best Stop Express, opened in Duson in 2017. The Best Stop Cajun Food’s 15,000 square foot wholesale facility completed construction and began production under USDA inspection in early 2021 and all the groundwork has been laid for franchise opportunities under the Best Stop Cajun Market division.

Even with all the growth taking place Robert and his kids – Penny Gennuso, Dana Cormier, Nicky Richard and Damon Cormier, and now grandkids remain committed to The Best Stop’s mission: to produce and distribute the BEST Cajun Specialty food across America and share their culture and Southern Hospitality while serving good, quality food with quick, courteous and friendly service in a clean facility.

It is the hope of the Cormier family that you always leave a Best Stop facility having experienced all that our family and Cajun Culture embody: Faith, Family, Fun and really good Food.

Jeremy, We noticed that you share incredible recipes on the blog at Where do your amazing recipes come from?

The recipes on our website are from our owners, staff and customers.  We love to receive input from anyone who enjoys our products as much as we do.  Quite often you will find our employees in the break room at lunch sharing with each other different dishes they made with our products.  They know our products as well as anyone and can get creative with their recipes.  Customers like to share how they use our products as well.  The people of south Louisiana are known for being great cooks and as is the Cajun way they are more than willing to share their amazing recipes.

We read that you sell all sorts of amazing YUM at the Best Stop marketplace in Scott and that it is all mainly Cajun cooking. Tell us a little more about what Cajun food someone can experience from the Best Stop and what are your top three selling items at the marketplace besides boudin? 

If it’s Cajun food you are after, this is definitely the place to visit.  We sell our mainstay boudin in several forms: original, mild, smoked, boudin balls and wraps. Cracklin always run a close second to our boudin.  To a Cajun boudin and cracklin are as synonymous as a burger and fries or a sandwich and chips.  It’s hard to take home one and not the other.  We carry a large variety of smoked and fresh sausages.  Sausage is without a doubt one of our biggest sellers.  You can find either fresh or smoked sausage with ingredients ranging anywhere from pork or chicken to deer and brisket with syrup or pork with pepper jelly.  Our selection of sausage is varied and constantly growing.  Speaking of sausage, we also sell andouille.  No gumbo or red beans dish is complete without andouille. We carry many other Cajun staples such as chaudin, hog head cheese, tasso, rabbit, beef tongue and debris.  Our specialty meat department also keeps our coolers full of amazing stuffed meats such as stuffed chickens, pork chops and mini roast.  The list of products available are literally endless.  Dana Cormier, daughter of founder Robert Cormier, takes the mindset of “if they can dream it, we can make it” and that’s exactly what we strive to do.

Can you share a little secret to making boudin?

Boudin can be cooked in many ways from grilling it, to boiling it or baking it.  In our store, we boil our boudin.  If you would like to boil your boudin, simply put a pot on the stove with some Kitchen Bouquet or a browning sauce in it, drop in your boudin and bring it to a boil.  When the water begins to boil, take out a piece of boudin and lightly squeeze it.  If the casing pops back out when you squeeze it, it is ready.  If does not just cook it a little longer.