Houston Restaurant Weeks at BB’s Tex-Orleans

Houston Restaurant Weeks

It’s that time of the year again when we partner up with Houston Restaurant Weeks to offer Delicious Grub to our hungry guests, as well as Donating to a Great Cause! We LOVE working with Houston Restaurant Weeks to feed families through donating to the Houston Food Bank. Filling hungry bellies fills our Hearts with Joy! Whether dining in or taking it to go, our $35 four course meal will bring a smile to your face AND give food to the less fortunate.

Houston Restaurant Weeks was founded by Cleverly Stone in 2003, has raised over $16.6 Million for the Houston Food Bank, and has enabled the distribution of more than 50 million meals for Houstonians in need. The impact of Houston Restaurant Weeks has done wonders for our local economy, turning the month of August from the worst month of the year for restaurants to one of the most profitable!* We are Beyond Proud to be a part of this wonderful annual event that does SO much good for the people of our city. Come on in and do your part by eating at BB’s Tex-Orleans to help Houstonians in need.

Find your local BB’s Tex-Orleans HRW Menus Here!

Heights: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-heights-2

Oak Forest: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-oak-forest-2

Energy Corridor: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-energy-corridor-2

Briargrove: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-briargrove-2

Upper Kirby: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-upper-kirby-2

Katy: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-katy-2

Webster: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-webster-2

Pearland: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-pearland-2

Cypress: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/#menu-bbs-tex-orleans-cypress-2

*To find out more about Houston Restaurant Weeks, Click this Link: https://houstonrestaurantweeks.com/about-us/