Make Maw Maw Proud!

BB's Tex-Orleans

Here at BB’s Tex-Orleans, Making Maw Maw Proud is always a top priority! We created a program that is designed to recognize those that go above and beyond to make that happen every day. At BB’s Tex-Orleans anyone who works on our team is considered a Krewemate! Our KREWE is our Roux and without them we know that not much would be possible. So how does one of our Krewemates Make Maw Maw Proud? We believe that anyone who strives to work hard daily, have a positive attitude and show random acts of kindness to others is considered to be an exemplary Krewemate! We depend on our Krewemates to make each guest experience memorable, to be a brand ambassador and to show amazing demonstrations of BB’s Core Values. Each Quarter, we award three individuals the stewardship of one of our three Pride Trophies,  a free shift meal each time they wear the trophy through the front door, a three hundred dollar BB’s gift card, and three days of Paid Time Off! Winners are announced at the quarterly meetings and our Executive team presents the trophies to the winners the following week. We love to show off our Maw Maw’s Pride winners and this quarter is no exception!! Our winners so far have been taking their Trophies out and dining at different BB’s locations to show their Pride and our customers LOVE to see it! We really take our Core Values to heart, and we love when we see our fellow Krewemates doing the same! It warms our hearts knowing we make Maw Maw Proud every chance we get!

A feature on our last quarter winner, Katie Lewis:

Why do you love working here at BB’s Tex-Orleans?

            I love working here at BB’s because of my coworkers and my regulars. Every day I come in and I feel safe and happy because I love the people around me. My coworkers have become like my family and always have my back! Also, my regulars make me want to come in every day. They make this job more fun than anything and even on days I’m not feeling the best, knowing that I will see them makes my day! This place has helped me make so many connections that I will have for the rest of my life and I’ll be forever grateful for everyone I’ve worked with!

What does it mean to you to be selected as a Maw Maw’s Pride recipient?

            To be selected as a Maw Maw’s Pride Award recipient is truly such an honor. It really means a lot to me to even be considered for this award because making Maw Maw proud is part of the foundation of our BB’s culture! Knowing that the job I do every day is making a difference in another person’s life brings me so much gratitude!

What do you do when you are not working at BB’s?

            When I’m not working at BB’s, I’m attending school at the University of Houston. I am currently a junior looking to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. I am studying to become a Physical Therapist! When I’m not at school I’m either at home helping out my family and grandmother or hanging out with my close friends!

We heard you are part of BB’s new spirit team, the Krewe of Crayzies. Can you tell us what that’s all about and what it means to be on that committee?

            So, for me, ever since I’ve started working at BB’s I’ve been known to decorate for all the holidays and help plan all our holidays parties! So, when I heard we were starting a committee to share all of our ideas and also have fun, I was so excited! The Krewe of Crayzies is such an amazing group of people who are all about sharing ideas on how to make BB’s better as a company as well as a more fun place to work! BB himself and Captain Cat have really put together an amazing program which is going to help create a more consistent and amazing culture for all of our locations!

BB’s Purpose:

            We Make Maw Maw Proud!

BB’s Core Values:

            Our Krewe is our Roux

            Make them Crave More

            No Job is Beneath Us

            Change is our Recipe