BB’s Has TWO Crawfish Boil Styles to Serve You!

BB’s Tex-Orleans has some of the Best Live Boiled Crawfish in Houston and San Antonio! Our Tex-Orleans style boil is what made us Crawdaddy Famous, but did you know that we actually have TWO boil styles to serve you? In addition to our Famous Tex-Orleans style boil, we also have our Louisiana style boil! We spent some time with our Vice President of Operations, Adam Gilvarry, and asked him a few questions about the reasons behind and the differences between the two boil styles. He gave us some great information that we want to share with you!

Can you explain the Tex-Orleans boil style? 

Adam: Our Tex-Orleans style crawfish are boiled up in our seasoned water, heavily seasoned with our signature spice and tossed in our secret paste. Pass the paper towels!

Can you explain the LA boil style? 

Adam: Our Louisiana style crawfish are boiled up in our seasoned water then soaked in a citrus infused spice bath for at least 30 minutes. This method is more traditional with most of the flavor cooked into the meat and a light seasoning dust on the outside. 

What are the flavor profiles for each style? 

Adam: Tex-Orleans style is a spicy blend of citrus with a good amount of heat. We finish this style by tossing the crawfish in our secret paste recipe. Louisiana Style is more traditional with heavy notes of citrus and garlic. This style is a lighter eating experience, bursting with flavor.  

Why does BB’s have these two boil style options? 

Adam: We wanted to be able to reach a wider audience of people. Not everyone is a huge fan of our Famous Tex-Orleans style of boil. Some people prefer a more traditional, cleaner, Louisiana style boil. 

Which came first, and what made y’all decide to add the second? 

Adam: Tex-Orleans was first and is what put us on the map in H-town. Brooks Bassler (BB’s CEO and Founder) and I wanted to expand our offerings on the boil menu and introduce a new flavor style. When dreaming up these new ideas to test, I kept coming back to a common piece of feedback we would get from our guests. “This is not how you do crawfish. You can’t put all that stuff on the outside. You gotta get the flavor inside with a soak.” The Louisiana way is for them!   

Which style do you prefer? 

Adam: Louisiana Way is my favorite!

With all the fantastic feedback we got from Adam, now YOU can decide which YUM BB’s Boil is for you! We Love ‘em both, but we want YOU to be the judge! Follow us on our social pages @bbstexorleans and let us know which BB’s boil style is your fav! We can’t wait to see what you think!

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