BB’s Tex-Orleans Brings in the BIG Crawfish

You may have noticed that BB’s has had different sizes, or grades, of live boiled Crawfish over the past couple of years. That is because we like to give our guests options when they’re ordering the Best boiled Crawfish in Houston!

When Crawfish Season starts at BB’s Tex-Orleans, we only have one size, which are the Field Run Crawfish. Field Run Crawfish are usually medium sized with a few larges mixed in at about 17-25 Crawfish per pound. The smaller size of this grade of crawfish means we can offer it at a great price! This product is everything our farmers catch, never graded, and contains mixed sizes.

Once the Crawfish Season has been going on for a few months, we will start to see larger Crawfish making an appearance. We like to call these premium bugs our “Classic Crawfish”, and you will usually see about 11-16 Crawfish per pound with these guys.

Now, if you want the Really BIG Crawdaddies, these are our Hand Selects. These Crawfish are considered to be U10s, which means there are Under 10 Crawfish per pound, since they are JUMBO. This tray of Crawfish is Hand Selected by our team to only include the BEST Crawfish we have available each day. These Jumbo sized bugs are NEVER damaged, and are served with our signature Boiled Onion and pineapple slice!

Whichever grade of Crawfish you decide on, they will come in your choice of one of our TWO boil styles. Our famous Tex-Orleans “wet” seasoning, or our new and improved Louisiana style, both of which are sure to satisfy all of your Crawfish Cravings. You can make your BB’s experience even better by showing up for the Best Happy Hour in Town, Monday through Friday from 3-6:30 pm, and getting your fix from all of our YUM half price appetizers and select drinks! You can’t beat those deals! We might even sweeten the pot a bit by adding some new Crawfish Features in the near future. Follow us on our social pages @bbstexorleans for any updates or announcements!