What You Must Know Before Eating Crawfish at a Restaurant

crawfish in pearland

Crawfish is one of the most popular seafood options around! They’re fun to eat, making them perfect for parties, backyard boils or family meals. Some restaurants serve really good crawfish but they are not boiled live before you peel and eat them. At BB’s Tex-Orleans, Crawfish is always boiled live and fresh and brought to us from some of the best crawfish farmers and distributors around!

When you’re ready to try crawfish in San Antonio, TX, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

What is Crawfish?

Crawfish is a shellfish commonly found in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds. The most common crawfish or “crayfish” and sometimes referred to as crawdads are the red swamp crawfish or white river crawfish. It has been said that this particular species of shellfish tastes better than any other when boiled and served properly and at BB’s Tex-Orleans, we make sure that our unique way of serving crawfish is sure to bring you back, craving more! Live Boiled Crawfish at BB’s in San Antonio, TX is boiled in a seasoned boil and then tossed in our unique and spicy homemade seasoning and sauce.

Crawfish is also high in protein and low in fat when eaten fresh and peeled without high level of seasoning and sauces. Unfortunately, like shrimp, crawfish or “crayfish” as many shellfish are, crawfish is higher in cholesterol. Here at BB’s Tex-Orleans though, we believe in life in moderation so start the music and build a boil with us here at BB’s Tex-Orleans San Antonio.

The Crawfish Season Matters

Yes, the season matters when it comes to tasting some delicious crawfish. If you want to get your hands on the best tasting crawfish in San Antonio, TX, you want them during their season. This occurs from January through to July, but they are at their best from March through June. If you go outside of this range, you can expect smaller crawfish but the seasons are always changing and crawfish as late as August might surprise you as they might be small but you still can enjoy the flavor.

You Want To Make Sure The Crawfish Are Alive before Boiled

When you buy your crawfish from a restaurant, you want to make sure that they are alive when they are boiled!

The crawfish should be alive and moving around, or else they should be thrown out immediately by any restaurant. At BB’s Tex-Orleans, we make sure to take every precaution to ensure that our crawfish are boiled LIVE, are cleaned before and after they arrive in our store and also, that they are sorted appropriately and inspected before they are served to you! That’s our Tex-Orleans promise!

Know About Their Cooking Style

Before eating crawfish in a restaurant, you must know how the restaurant cooks their crawfish. In south Louisiana, it’s common for restaurants to soak their crawfish in a seasoned boil and dust it lightly, MAYBE, before serving it to you depending on who is doing the boil. Here at BB’s Tex-Orleans we have two styles to serve you better! We offer the Tex-Orleans Way that is heavily Vietnamese and Texas influenced and not only boiled in a seasoned boil but also tossed in a dry seasoning and then in a wet homemade secret sauce that is sure to bring you back craving more. We also offer the Louisiana Way that is a down on the bayou more traditional, cleaner but still a spicy boil where we soak the crawfish longer in the boil to make sure to soak up the flavors more before we serve it to you. We hope you will come and build a boil with us soon at BB’s San Antonio, Texas.

Know-How to Eat Them

Crawfish are served whole, so if you’ve never eaten them before, you may want to ask your waiter or waitress how to eat them. They look like little lobsters, but they don’t have the claws that lobsters do. You can peel off their shells and eat the tail meat or suck out the juices from the head.

The Bottom Line

If you’re new to crawfish, don’t order in a hurry. Give yourself some time to peruse the menu and ask questions about the style, the process and the flavors. Many restaurants offer house specialties that might not be listed on the menu (such as an extra spicy sauce or deep-fried crawfish tails), so make sure you know your options before you commit to your meal. At BB’s Tex-Orleans if you love your crawfish extra saucy, ask for them extra wet or if you don’t see a crawfish or oyster po’boy on the menu and want one a long with your crawfish, ask your server as well as we have options GALORE here. We can’t wait to serve you!