We Put a Cajun Twist on Tejano!

Back in the day, when we were known as BB’s Café, we used to brand with Tex-A-Mexican Passion as well as Cajun with a Texas Twist! We’re from Texas after all, and our Tex-Mex-Cajun fusion brings together all the YUM that is TEXAS influenced, which shines on our Tex-Orleans menu! We’ve been inspired so much by TEXAS and TEX-MEX that we used to offer Mexico City style tacos on our first menu. Our business partner, and main Kitchen Manager until this day, is from Mexico City and has won our hearts and pulled on your YUM heart strings for over 14 years! In 2018, and since we were no longer a Café, BB’s registered a trademark and made it official: We are now officially BB’s Tex-Orleans, and have been since that time. The Tex-Mex and Mexican influences in Houston, Texas still inspire us today, and you can see it in the offerings and cuisines we offer. BB’s Tex-Orleans has always had a huge love for Tex-Mex, Mexican and Cajun cuisine, but when we opened the doors to our first location in San Antonio in 2021, we fell head over heels, and back in LOVE with the culture that is Tejano, as it shines so bright in so many areas of San Antonio, Texas. We were inspired to create some new, YUM dishes that incorporated what you would find on a Tex-Mex or an influenced Mexican menu! We mixed some things on our menu that, perhaps, you have been dying to try but maybe you weren’t feeling much like Cajun Empanadas or Boudin Flatus for your lunch, but you wished you could have a bite! Have you ever been into a Tex-Mex or Mexican restaurant and literally just salivated all over their menu when you see a little bit of dis and dat on one plate? Perhaps a cheese enchilada is paired with a puffy taco, rice and beans and a chalupa or beef taco? The plate combos are always hard to choose from, BUT you are sure to find one that takes care of ALL your cravings?! That’s what you will find on our NEW Texaneaux Combeaux Menu! We added our Tex-Orleans options on a plate with different options you can’t wait to try! Say it with us: TEX-AH-NO COMBOS! We created six new YUM-TASTIC options we think you’ll LOVE, at a price that can’t be beat! We’re bringing these Tex-Mex, Tejano, Mexican American inspired offerings to our entire Houston and San Antonio Familia! We mixed and matched some of our classic Tex-Orleans options in different ways, and we even created a few new items to add to the Tejano style we want to showcase. From El Pescador, a Hot Dipped Panko Breaded Fried Fish Fillet with Coleslaw and Fries, all the way to La Cela, a Puffy Fried Fish Taco with one Boudin Flauta and one Cajun Empanada with Veggies, we’ve got options galore! You can even come by during The Best Happy Hour in Town for some half-priced appetizers and select drinks to go with your Combeaux. Even better when enjoyed on one of our many patios on a nice day! Go on and grab your Krewe, and experience the Texaneaux Combeauxs at BB’s! Limited time only! We YUM you!

OLEAUX, love BB’s!