Brunch Saturday/Sunday 11am-3pm

and Live Music every Saturday/Sunday Noon-3pm





Benedicts served over a Cornbread Waffle
with Bourbon Maple Syrup and an Arugula Salad


Two Poached Eggs topped with Crawfish Etouffee,
Green Onions and Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  15.95


Fried Green Tomato, Crab Cake, Two Poached Eggs
and Chipotle Hollandaise Sauce topped with
Pico de Gallo.  15.95


Four Blackened Shrimp, Two Poached Eggs
and a Zesty Andouille Cream Sauce.  14.95


Breakfast Sammies

Served with French Fries

Morning Magic

Ham, Eggs, Pepper Jack Cheese and BB’s Sauce
on Leidenheimer French Bread  11.95

Boudin Biscuits

Fried Boudin Balls and Poached Eggs on
Buttermilk Biscuits with Steen’s Cane Syrup.  10.95


French Toast & Waffles

Banana Fosters French Toast

Mascarpone stuffed Leidenheimer French Toast topped
with Flamed Pecan Fosters Sauce over Fresh Bananas 
and served with a side of Bourbon Maple Syrup.  14.95 

Classic French Toast

Leidenheimer French Toast dipped in classic YUM with
Fresh Berries, Whipped Cream and Powdered Sugar.  12.95

Chicken, Waffles and Sandia

Classic Belgium Waffle, Chicken Tenders,
Spicy Grilled Watermelon, Breakfast Gravy,
Bourbon Maple Syrup and Hot Sauce.  15.95



Shrimp and Grits + 2 Eggs your way


Huevos Rancheros

Masa (Corn) Tortillas topped with Refried Red Beans,
Fried Egg, Pico De Gallo and Salsa Verde.  10.95


The Cajunistas

Cold Boiled Platter

Chilled DungE and Snow Crab Legs, Cold Boiled Shrimp
and Jumbo Lump Crab Salad.  34.95

Grilled Shrimp & Greens

Arugula, Spinach, Cilantro, Cherry Tomatoes,
Avocado, Feta, Strawberries and Grilled Shrimp
tossed in a Citrus Vinaigrette.  15.95

Fruit Cup

Cantaloupe, Seasonal Berries , Pineapple, Honeydew.  4.95



2 Eggs Any Way


2 Slices Bacon


2 Links Smoked Sausage





Can’t make it for brunch?

We offer Boils All day, Every day!


Live Music

Briargrove  |  Cypress  |  Energy Corridor  |  Heights
Katy  |  Oak Forest  |  Pearland  |  Upper Kirby


Saturday, July 13: Card Castle
Sunday, July 14: Darian Hernandez 
Saturday, July 20: Andrew Bateman 
Sunday, July 21: Kyle Huckabee
Saturday, July 27: Brian Sacco
Sunday, July 28: Darian Hernandez
Saturday, August 3: Austin Bradshaw
Sunday, August 4: Robert Hartye
Saturday, August 10: Card Castle
Sunday, August 11: Melissa Sterling


Saturday, July 13: Andrew Bateman
Sunday, July 14: Brian Sacco 
Saturday, July 20: Brian Sacco
Sunday, July 21: Darian Hernandez
Saturday, July 27: Raf Rivera
Sunday, July 28: Austin Bradshaw
Saturday, August 3: Card Castle
Sunday, August 4: Melissa Sterling
Saturday, August 10: Austin Bradshaw
Sunday, August 11: Britney Doyal

Energy Corridor

Saturday, July 13: Raf Rivera
Sunday, July 14: Britney Doyal
Saturday, July 20: Austin Bradshaw
Sunday, July 21: Raf Rivera
Saturday, July 27: Card Castle
Sunday, July 28: Melissa Sterling
Saturday, August 3: Samy Jo
Sunday, August 4: Raf Rivera
Saturday, August 10: AppleHead
Sunday, August 11: Brian Sacco


Saturday, July 13: Amin Safari
Sunday, July 14: Card Castle
Saturday, July 20: Chicken and Waffles
Sunday, July 21: The Good Heart
Saturday, July 27: AppleHead
Sunday, July 28: Boomtown Brass Band
Saturday, August 3: Paige Lewis
Sunday, August 4: Melissa Sterling
Saturday, August 10: Andrew Bateman
Sunday, August 11: Mighty Orq


Saturday, July 13: AppleHead
Sunday, July 14: Boomtown Brass Band 
Saturday, July 20: AppleHead
Sunday, July 21: Chris Miller
Saturday, July 27: Austin Bradshaw
Sunday, July 28: Brian Sacco
Saturday, August 3: AppleHead
Sunday, August 4: Brian Sacco
Saturday, August 10: Chicken and Waffles
Sunday, August 11: Raf Rivera

Oak Forest

Saturday, July 13: Chicken and Waffles
Sunday, July 14: Mighty Orq 
Saturday, July 20: Raf Rivera
Sunday, July 21: Austin Bradshaw
Saturday, July 27: Andrew Bateman 
Sunday, July 28: Card Castle
Saturday, August 3: Adrian Michael
Sunday, August 4: Paige Lewis
Saturday, August 10: Raf Rivera
Sunday, August 11: Austin Bradshaw


Saturday, July 13: Samy Jo
Sunday, July 14: Austin Bradshaw 
Saturday, July 20: Adrian Michael
Sunday, July 21: Boomtown Brass Band
Saturday, July 27: Chicken and Waffles
Sunday, July 28: Adrian Michael
Saturday, August 3: Raf Rivera
Sunday, August 4: Austin Bradshaw
Saturday, August 10: Chris Miller
Sunday, August 11: Card Castle

Upper Kirby

Saturday, July 13: Darian Hernandez
Sunday, July 14: Raf Rivera 
Saturday, July 20: Samy Jo
Sunday, July 21: Melissa Sterling
Saturday, July 27: Robert Hartye
Sunday, July 28: Raf Rivera
Saturday, August 3: Andrew Bateman
Sunday, August 4: Card Castle
Saturday, August 10: Amin Safari
Sunday, August 11: Darian Hernandez

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