2022 News and Events


It’s Always Gumbo Season at BB’s Tex-Orleans!

Who doesn’t LOVE to curl up on the couch on a cold day with a hot bowl of Maw Maw’s Gumbo? Or maybe you’re like us, and love gumbo EVERY day, no matter the weather! Either way, BB’s has got you covered! With our Maw Maw’s tried and true Gumbo recipe, your hankerin’ for some Read More.

We Put a Cajun Twist on Tejano!

Back in the day, when we were known as BB’s Café, we used to brand with Tex-A-Mexican Passion as well as Cajun with a Texas Twist! We’re from Texas after all, and our Tex-Mex-Cajun fusion brings together all the YUM that is TEXAS influenced, which shines on our Tex-Orleans menu! We’ve been inspired so much Read More.

BB’s Loves August Events in Houston, Texas!

Every year in August, BB’s Tex-Orleans looks forward to two special events. Houston Restaurant Weeks and White Linen Night in the Heights! There’s quite a bit of history behind these happenings, and we’re here to guide you through why we LOVE them so much! Houston Restaurant Weeks has been going on since 2003, when Cleverley Read More.

No Doubt it’s dat Good! Try the NEW Shrimp Diggity at BB’s Tex-Orleans!

It’s that time of year again, when Crawfish season starts to fade away, and it’s Shrimp’s time to SHINE! We’ve got a YUM new Water Creature Wednesday Feature that just made its debut! DA’ Shrimp Diggity is here to satisfy those Spicy Seafood cravings! With six blackened Shrimp, a half Garlic Sausage link, corn and Read More.

A Whole New Way to Experience BB’s Boils

You all know that you can build your boil exactly how you like it at BB’s Tex-Orleans, right? We’ve got the Best Crawfish and Seafood in Town, and you can add whatever brings YOU joy, from corn, sausages, potatoes, eggs, greens and so much MORE! We’ve got options galore! We all have our own FAVS Read More.

Cinco de Bayou at BB’s Tex-Orleans is $5 Crawfish Pounds AND…

When you think of Cinco de Mayo, you probably think only of margaritas, tacos, tequila and Mexican restaurants! If you didn’t know, Cinco De Mayo means the Fifth of May and is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. Cinco De Mayo is mainly celebrated in parts of Mexico and in the United States to Read More.

The Lure of a Live Crawfish: 5 Reasons to Try

crawfish in pearland
Crawfish are a delicacy in many places, but one of the best places to enjoy live crawfish in Katy, TX or Tomball is at BB’s Tex-Orleans restaurant. BB’s Tex-Orleans has grown famous for their crawfish, which has a spicy taste and tender texture as well as different sizes of crawfish that make it so popular Read More.

What You Must Know Before Eating Crawfish at a Restaurant

crawfish in pearland
Crawfish is one of the most popular seafood options around! They’re fun to eat, making them perfect for parties, backyard boils or family meals. Some restaurants serve really good crawfish but they are not boiled live before you peel and eat them. At BB’s Tex-Orleans, Crawfish is always boiled live and fresh and brought to Read More.

BB’s Tex-Orleans Brings in the BIG Crawfish

You may have noticed that BB’s has had different sizes, or grades, of live boiled Crawfish over the past couple of years. That is because we like to give our guests options when they’re ordering the Best boiled Crawfish in Houston! When Crawfish Season starts at BB’s Tex-Orleans, we only have one size, which are Read More.

BB’s Has TWO Crawfish Boil Styles to Serve You!

BB’s Tex-Orleans has some of the Best Live Boiled Crawfish in Houston and San Antonio! Our Tex-Orleans style boil is what made us Crawdaddy Famous, but did you know that we actually have TWO boil styles to serve you? In addition to our Famous Tex-Orleans style boil, we also have our Louisiana style boil! We Read More.

Mardi Gras Lives in our Soul!

If you’ve ever had the live boiled Crawfish at BB’s Tex-Orleans, then you know it’s some of the best crawfish in Houston! We pride ourselves on serving the best quality crawfish we can get, just so we can see all those beautiful smiles from our Amazing guests!! We’ve decided to keep Mardi Gras going with Read More.

Fat Tuesday: We’ve Been Training for This!

Fat Tuesday Party
Fat Tuesday parties at BB’s Tex-Orleans are an exciting tradition that our Krewe looks forward to each year! We started out small, only having celebrations at one or two locations, but as BB’s grew, so did the celebrations! BB’s Tex-Orleans is one of the Best Cajun Restaurants in Houston, TX celebrating Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Read More.

Crawfish are Taking the Stage on Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Boil Sunday
You can be the Star of the show when you bring the Boil from BB’s Tex-Orleans to your Super Bowl gathering! We’ve got the Super BOIL Sunday feature of 5 pounds of bugs for just $35! This feature is only available on Sunday February 13, 2022 from 11am until supplies last! You don’t want to Read More.

2022 Crawfish Season at BB’s Tex-Orleans

cajun food pearland
If you haven’t already heard, BB’s Tex-Orleans is one of the TOP destinations for Crawfish in Houston! What’s even better, is that we just started our Crawfish Season on Monday January 17th! With 12 locations in Houston and the surrounding areas, and also, a location in Alamo Ranch in San Antonio, you have so many Read More.

Can You Believe BB’s Creates THAT Many Jobs?!

BB's Tex-Orleans
With Crawfish season looming near, BB’s Tex-Orleans is on the lookout for all the Restaurant Rockstars we can find to join our Krewe! Each year, we create over a THOUSAND jobs company-wide! By opening new locations, ramping up for crawfish season, and stimulating the economy thanks to our multiple business partners, BB’s is doing its Read More.