WELCOME BACK! We’ve missed you!



In these times, we CAN still enjoy the GOOD TIMES… but obviously with more responsibility, more safety, and more regulations.

We’ve missed you, but please RESPECT DA’ RULES. Do not come out and dine out if you feel feverish, have traveled recently (within 30 days), or have been around anyone with COVID-19 in the past 30 days. Please realize that we are doing our part for YOU and our KREWE. We will abide by all state policies for opening the Texas economy while you dine at BB’s Tex-Orleans. We appreciate all the support and SAFE LOVE. 

What can you expect when you arrive to DINE at BB’s Tex-Orleans? 

BB’s Tex-Orleans is still offering CURBSIDE, TO-GO! Please do not let this alarm you or confuse you, WE ARE OPEN. Please know that you may have to wait in your car until a table becomes available. If there is a table available, you will be asked to park your vehicle and will be seated immediately. If there is no parking, you will need to “hang out” on a side street OR drive around until your table is ready. Please don’t be turned off by this as we are practicing social distancing and do not want to have too many people standing together in our parking lots. This is for your protection and for the protection of our Krewe. We will let you know as soon as your table is ready by TEXT. 
***FYI: ALL OUTDOOR CURBSIDE TO-GO Safety requirements are still in place with extra sanitation and precautions. Please visit bbstexorleans.com/togo to see what we have been doing to practice SAFETY at Deluxe Curbside!***


Signage will be prominently displayed asking YOU and requiring US to practice social distancing, SAFETY, and respect for the regulations for opening the Texas economy. 

All Employees are required to wear GLOVES and A MASK covering their mouth and nose. 

All Employees must pass a health screening that includes a temperature check before coming into the restaurant. 

Hand Sanitizing stations will be available to all customers and employees, including upon entry. 

All Employees will wash and/or sanitize their hands upon entering the restaurant, and between interactions with customers. 

All Employees are mindful and free of cell phones, touching face, hair, and body. 

All Employees are trained to follow all CDC recommendations and Kitchen Safety Rules and regulations for coughing and sneezing and WILL wash AND sanitize their hands immediately after a cough or sneeze. 

BB’s Tex-Orleans will continue ALL sanitizing standards for all handhelds, sanitation requirements throughout the restaurant, in between and after shifts, sanitizer stations, bathrooms, tables, chairs, door handles, knobs, screens, keyboards, office, kitchen, and so on. 

BB’s Tex-Orleans will use QR codes for menu scanning across all 10 locations. Disposable paper menus are also available upon request.
Customers are required to maintain social distancing requirements from other guests at all times. 

Every other table in our dining rooms will be CLOSED to accommodate social distancing and max capacity guidelines set by the state. Those tables will be CLEAR and clearly marked as CLOSED. 

All OPEN tables will meet capacity guidelines, please do not show up with more than 10 people. 

All Tables on our patios will be 6ft apart to accommodate social distancing. 

Every table will be sanitized upon a guest leaving and arriving with a commercial-grade sanitizer. 

Dish machines and any sanitary product will be sanitized and inspected at the beginning of every shift. TEMPERATURE of WATER and CHEMICAL included. 

As we know that HABITS of our previous dining industry, at any time, CAN appear on the floor by a server (this may include bringing down a mask when wanting to talk or taking back a menu from habit instead of disposing of it), it is our TEX-ORLEANS promise that our team is practicing constant communication and improvements of ALL regulations for YOUR SAFETY and OURS. We appreciate your support and WILL continue to improve across our 10 locations and go ABOVE and BEYOND to provide a SAFER Tex-Orleans experience. 

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