What’s the Dealio with BB’s Crawfish?

BB's Cafe Crawfish

Crawfish season is in full swing! We have had comments, questions, likes, and dislikes but mostly rave reviews on our new crawfish operations. In light of the new Facebook worldwide launch of Reactions (with more ways to express yourself), we wanted to clarify a few facts and provide answers to some of your questions we have been receiving. Most of all, though, we want to thank you all for being receptive and showing us so much LOVE at the start of this crawfish season. It has been epic so far, and the bugs aren’t even their best yet! So what’s the Dealio?

What’s the Dealio about BB’s Paste?
BB’s Crawfish Paste is a hot commodity. Our paste is a special recipe, and we have put a lot of love into our recipe and our operation of crawfish over the years. We feel that our improvements have been well worth it. These improvements were all made with YOU, our amazing customer, in mind. The results of developing our crawfish recipe and putting more into our operation mean that the recipe is expensive to make. We place the special paste in every single batch of crawfish ordered, so rest assured–you’re getting the paste. If you have had our crawfish, you know that we aren’t stingy with this paste, and it’s always plentiful and flavorful in each batch of crawfish we sell. But, in order to estimate how much we would need on hand to sell to customers, we would have to put it at a price point that we wouldn’t feel good about passing on to the customer. Most importantly, BB’s Cafe has no desire to sell this paste at this time. We do, however, have crawfish seasoning and crawfish dippin’ sauce available for you on the Crawfish menu as add-ons. We promise it’s YUMMY and if you really love dipping your tails in the paste, there is plenty at the bottom of each crawfish order.

What’s the Dealio about BB’s Corn & Potatoes?
We noticed last year that more often than not, corn and potatoes were left behind on the crawfish trays. So sad! So, we decided this year to put corn and potatoes on the add-on menu to reduce the footprint of waste left behind after the season. Additionally, there is a great corn shortage across the United States this year, making it a little more difficult to find and reasonably source corn. We are always conscious of the cost to our customers, so we ensure we are in-line (or under) with our competitors on the pricing of our add-ons. We did extensive research to find out what other restaurants we love in Houston are doing when they serve their crawfish, and they too are charging for add-ons and sides. We promise we would never compromise the LOVE you have shown us by being unfair in our pricing of a-la-carte items and/or sides.

What’s the Dealio about BB’s Crawfish Prices?
We store, boil and sell 20,000 to 25,000 pounds of crawfish per week at BB’s (location-wide). It’s a challenging program to store thousands of pounds of live crawfish. Can you imagine what to do with all those bugs?! We have storage lockers for the live crawfish at each BB’s location where we keep the bugs until it’s time to boil em’ up! We are always conscious of the cost to our customers, so we can assure you we are in-line with our competitors. BB’s Cafe also has a three-process system where we not only have seasoning in our boil, but we add dry seasoning and our special paste to each order of crawfish. We treat our crawfish like gold! We promise. We also don’t charge you more when the product changes at BB’s which means bigger bugs for our customers. That hasn’t happened yet since the three fronts came in but soon we’ll be able to serve you a more quality bug. We’re just waiting on our vendors to provide the product! We also added three pounds and five pounds options to our menu this year so if you order more than one pound, there is a price break for you. Crawfish season isn’t a lucrative program for BB’s–we do it for the love of crawfish, baby!

We love you Houston, and we enjoy boiling up our special Tex-Orleans Crawfish for you every year! We love hearing from you and discussing your questions. We hope this post has answered most of the questions we have received. So what are you waiting for? Visit any of our restaurants and enjoy the best crawfish in Houston TX. Much LOVE!

Check out this video at our Heights location from the Houston Press about sucking heads and see if YOU, our amazing customer, made the cut! Thank you for everyone who participated while dining.

Watch the Houston Press Video Featuring BB’s Customers!