Customer of the Month: Craig Hlavaty

BB's Tex-Orleans

Meet the very first Customer of the Month: Craig Hlavaty! When he’s not writing for the Houston Chronicle or Filming ‘Between the Lines’ on CW39 NewsFix, he can sometimes be found protecting his wife’s shirt from Crawfish paste or downing a few drinks at BB’s.

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We asked Craig a few questions about Houston, what he would steal and how he feels about Tex-Orleans! Read what he had to say below and keep your eyes peeled each month–the next customer of the month could be you!

What’s your Houston story? Did you grow up here, or move here as quick as you could?

I grew up in Pearland and migrated to Houston in my middle twenties, but I spent most of my teens in Houston proper causing trouble at concert venues and record stores.

craig crawfish

If you could steal the recipe to one BB’s dish, what would it be and why?

The Bullet for the King is my favorite thing that’s not crawfish. I get it on your sweet burger bun from the Montrose location, usually late at night when I should be in bed. If I had a cooking aptitude, that’s what I steal from you guys.

What does Tex-Orleans mean to you?

I sort of feel like I spent a few former lives in New Orleans. Whenever I visit the city I feel at home and I don’t want to leave. The buildings, the smells, the emotions all come over me like a wave. A meal at BB’s Café seems to satisfy that part of my soul.

We are thankful for all of our customers–we love every one of you! To show our love, we will continue to highlight one customer each month who exhibits a certain joie de vivre. If you haven’t yet, join our Krewe of Cravings mailing list for news, deals and more. Keep up with Craig’s shenanigans around Houston by following him on Twitter. XOXO — stay tuned for more!

Photo Cred: Craig Hlavaty