For the Love of Tex-Orleans

BB's Tex-Orleans

Many may not know this. BB’s Cafe didn’t start out with a “Tex-Orleans” menu. In fact, the Tex-Orleans concept is one that was developed over time as the BB’s brand, and menu, began to take shape as a reflection of our influences and surroundings.

From the start, Brooks Bassler (aka BB) knew he wanted to create a restaurant where Houstonians could enjoy Cajun food late into the night. Being raised by a Cajun mother, Brooks has a deep love for the city of New Orleans and is passionate about the city’s iconic dishes like Grillades and Grits, Gumbo, Roast Beef Po’Boys and Daiquiris. Looking around Houston, he was shocked that there was not a place where the community could go for late night Cajun Po’Boys. So, after graduating from The University of Houston, he opened one: BB’s Cajun restraunt on Montrose Blvd.

BB’s Cajun Cafe wasn’t strictly Cajun food. Yes, it included all your favorite NOLA dishes like the ones listed above, but it also included Mexico City Street Tacos and Shrimpaladas! It was Cajun food with a Texan Twist. Cajun with a Tex-A-Mexican passion, even. And above all, BB’s never claimed to be authentic Cajun food.

As BB’s continued to grow, more and more research and development field trips were taken to ensure that the food on our menu reflected NOLA, but also had our unique twist. After each trip to New Orleans, we worked closely with our Kitchen Manager to develop our own version of what we had tasted (and LOVED) in NOLA. A great example is our Chicolean the Machine Po’Boy which features chopped fajita chicken, queso, peppers, onions, avocado and tomato on a Leidenheimer Po’Boy bun.

As we continued to develop new recipes, we realized that we had developed “Tex-Orleans.” Our recipes are inspired by Louisiana, Brooks’ Maw Maw, Cajun culture, and Mexican culture but also from where we live: Texas. We are inspired by our surroundings, the people of Houston and their love for spicy flavors.

We count ourselves lucky to live in Houston and have such incredible customers. And we are so happy that Tex-Orleans has developed into a concept that our customers know and love as something that is distinctly BB’s. We asked a few customers to tell us what Tex-Orleans meant to them, and we were overjoyed with their answers.

What Does Tex-Orleans Mean to You

Tex-Orleans is here to stay; it’s the BB’s way!