Bugs, Birthdays and BEADS!

Fat Tuesday!

February is the BEST month of the year for a few reasons.

Reason 1: Y’all know by now that crawfish season is WELL underway (and if you don’t know that yet, what are you waiting for?!).
Reason 2: Valentine’s Day is this month, and sharing DA LOVE and DA GRUB with our favorite people on that special day makes us feel all gooey inside.
Reason 3: The KING of the BB’s KREWE, Brooks Bassler’s birthday is February 11th!! Thanks to this very special man and our incredible team, Tex-Orleans food is a staple in the Bayou City. Even though we aren’t in the French Quarter, we sure eat like we are 😉 Speaking of Louisiana, there is one more reason February is the best…oh YEAH!
REASON 4: MARDI GRAS! You are officially invited to the biggest “Fais Do-Do” BB’s throws every year: our Fat Tuesday Parties on February 25th! This year, we are getting wild at all locations (except Montrose) and want to enjoy life’s libations, temptations, and delicious BB’s creations with YOU before Lent!
Check out the live music schedule at all the locations below!

Come dressed in purple, gold and green, or as you are–but come to have fun with the Krewe of BB’s. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Nooney & The Zydeco Floaters 6p-10p (outside)
Keyun and the Zydeco Masters 7:30-11p (inside)

Upper Kirby:
Bryan Keith & Zydeco Legacy 5-9p

Oak Forest:
Mustang & his 2-steppin Zydeco Band 5-9p

Energy Corridor:
Samone & The Zydeco Superstars 5-9p

Gerard Delafose & The Zydeco Gators 4:15-8:15p

Marcus Ardoin & The Zydeco Legendz 5-9p

Fred Bell & The Platinum Players 5-9p

Mike Broussard & Nu’ Edition Zydeco 5-9p

Koray Broussard & Zydeco Unit 6-10p