Loyalty is Royalty! It’s Time for Crawfish Rewards!


Our very FIRST Loyalty Program is here, Houston! Have you ever thought to yourself, how many pounds of crawfish have I actually peeled and eaten this season at BB’s? Now you can find out, keep track, earn rewards, and COMPETE with other BB’s Crawfish Fanatics to earn the STATUS of CRAWFISHONAIRE!

Here’s how it works!

Each pound of crawfish you peel and eat earns your points and one step closer to CRAWFISHONAIRE status! Just for enrolling, you’ll get an email with your FIRST reward. You can choose from FREE: Fried pickles, Boudin Balls or a boil add on kit!

15 points= Free Boil Add on kit
50 points=Free 3lbs of our Classic Crawfish
Birthday Month=1 free appetizer or dessert
200 points=CRAWFISHONAIRE STATUS and free BB’s SWAG!

Get to racking up points by signing up for the best perks for the BEST CRAWFISH IN HOUSTON, your royal highness!

Sign up HERE!