New Seltzers! A Shot Gun Start to Crawfish Season!


It’s crawfish season and you know what pairs well with mugbugs? Seltzers! BB’s Tex-Orleans is proud to introduce to our drink menu the classical cocktail inspired Shot Gun hard Seltzers! Shot Gun is brewed and canned in Austin, Texas and prides itself on delivering “craft quality and crisp taste that’s completely unique”.

We have begun to carry two unique flavors, Ranch Water and Bramble. The Ranch Water seltzer is derived from Ranch Water cocktail consisting of Tequila, lime and of course the water of West Texas, Topo Chico. It has 6.9% alcohol by volume and a low 95 calories per can. The original Bramble cocktail was created in the mid eighties and consists of Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and blackberry liqueur. YUM! This swanky seltzer is is 5.2% alcohol by volume and is also 95 calories per can. NOT ONLY do they taste good, the Texas-based brand is also GLUTEN-FREE and SUGAR-FREE! Shot Gun Seltzers are everything your Tex-Orleans heart wants when it comes to washing down pounds of crawfish this season!

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