Competitive Fun at BB’s Tex-Orleans Bar Olympics

The winning team!

Here at BB’s Tex-Orleans we like to have fun while also bringing everyone from all locations together. Our newest way that we do that is with the BB’s Bar Olympics, which will also bring a little healthy competitiveness to the table. Each location will bring their best bartenders to compete against the others to see who can make the best drinks in the fastest time! The drinks they make will be judged based on taste, time it took to make and presentation. Each location will come up with their own costumes to fit our Voodoo theme this year and judges will also be looking for the Krewe with the Best Team Spirit! This will be our Second Annual BB’s Bar Olympics and it will be held at our Heights location on the morning of October 30th.  We even provide breakfast for all who come to support their location’s team! We think this is a really great way to bring our staff together and foster great relationships between our different store’s Krewemates. Any GREAT company knows that they would be nowhere without its people. One thing never works without another and no great company can run efficiently without TEAM WORK! BB’s Tex-Orleans works on our culture daily to make sure that we are not only fostering an amazing place to work, but also to make sure that our team builds positive relationships with not only their immediate location Krewemates, but also with ALL the people that work within our company as a whole. It’s so important to have Culture and that our internal company events foster an amazing and positive working environment and make sure to instill fun. And what is fun without a little healthy competition!? Our previous winner from 2019 was Amanda Richardson from our Energy Corridor location on Eldridge! She’s competing again this year to defend her title and we are all SO excited to see who comes out on top. This event is open to all who would like to come cheer on their favorite bartenders, so feel free to come hang out with our Krewe and start your Halloween weekend off right!