Holidays are Better with BB’s Tex-Orleans

The Holidays are right around the corner. Are you ready for all the Decorating, the Cooking, the Cleaning, the Family Visits, and all the errands that come along with them? We can help ease the Holiday work load! BB’s Tex-Orleans Holiday Menu will relieve the stress of cooking the Holiday meals for you, your family and all your friends. Our Cajun Fried Turkeys, regular or Boudin Stuffed, are about 10-12 pounds on average and will feed about 6-10 people. Loaded with Cajun flavor but light on the spice, these delicious birds will please the pickiest palate. What about the sides, you ask? Well, we’ve got those too! We’ve got lots of options like Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Coffee Pecan Cream, Cajun Rice Dressing, Creamed Spinach Madeline and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo just to name a few! And don’t think we forgot about Dessert! We’ve got Key Lime Cheesecake, Pecan Royale Cheesecake and Maw Maw’s Bread Pudding to round out the meal! Even ordering is made easier with our amazing online ordering option! You can also call or order in person if you prefer. All you’ve gotta do is hit the link at the bottom of this page, select the location you would like to order from on the drop-down menu when you click “Order Online”, and add your items! We do ask for a 24-hour notice on all Holiday orders, and if you’re picking up on Thanksgiving Day, we’ll be open from 8am-1pm just for Turkey Pick-ups! Turkeys are hot and ready to serve when you arrive! The only thing you’ll need to do is heat up the sides. With all this YUM, and all the extra time you’ve got now, you can make some amazing memories with the people you love, instead of being occupied in the kitchen. Let us do the cookin’ while you enjoy the day. Put your feet up. Relax. You’ve earned it. We’ve got the meal covered. From our Krewe to Yours, we wish you the Happiest of Holidays.

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