18 Must-Try Crawfish Spots in Houston


Crawfish, crayfish, crawdaddies, mudbugs, ditchbugs, freshwater lobsters, yabbies — whatever you call them, ‘tis the season in Houston to down some of those spicy red crustaceans with the 10 legs. With the season generally running from January to July, many Houstonians have been waiting for the right time to dig in.

BB’s Cajun Cafe
Serving thousands of pounds of crawfish across its 10 local outposts every year, BB’s Cafe has become a Houston favorite — so much so that even Houston-born singer Beyoncé and her husband, hip hop mogul Jay-Z, have stopped by for their crawfish fix. Here, the crawfish are soaked in a Cajun-style boil that injects an explosive punch of spicy flavor.

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