Where to Get Your Gumbo Fix in Houston

Gumbo Bowl 1

Ask 10 people where to find the best gumbo, and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. At the core of the hearty stew is a base made of fat, flour, and seasonings called a roux. Most will agree that a great gumbo starts with a great roux, but the ingredients that follow are often up for heated debate. There is dark roux versus light roux; thick consistency versus thin; Cajun versus Creole-style; meat or seafood, a mixture of both, or meatless altogether; rice or no rice; and the preferences go on and on. However the bowl may be built, there is no arguing that a piping hot bowl is especially comforting during the winter months.

BB’s Cajun Cafe
The po-boys are a highlight here, but start your order with a cup of seafood gumbo. Thick enough to satisfy, and thin enough to leave you ready for a fried shrimp sandwich. With late night hours, it’s easy to satisfy a gumbo craving at any time.

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