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Krewe of Royalty- Join our Loyalty Program

Eat your way through BB’s Tex-Orleans YUM and join our rewards program! Start earning rewards by signing up, Your Royal Highness!

What is it?

BB’s Krewe of Royalty honors BB’s AMAZING Guests and Crawfish Fanatics with rewards earned for every crawfish pound peeled and now for EVERY dining experience!

Crawfish Fanatics can become a CRAWFISHONAIRE during each crawfish season which runs from January to August every year, but you can earn rewards YEAR-ROUND now too every time you dine with us on anything you order! 

Sign up and complete your registration to enjoy our Krewe of Royalty program. *Because of the nature of Crawfish season, months are subject to change as we may have crawfish earlier or later in the season*

January – August
Become a Crawfishonaire! Receive a point for every crawfish pound ordered and peeled!

Each Crawfish pound you order from January – August gets you closer to reaching Crawfishonaire status, and each order peeled and eaten earns you points towards special rewards that only our most Royal crawfish fanatics can earn to redeem.

Earn every time you dine! Loyalty is Royalty here! 

How do I sign up?

Give us your digits at the store or since you are here…

If you sign up with your digits at the store with one of our representatives, you will receive a text to tell you how CRAWSOME you are and to remind you to complete your registration.

Once registered, from January – August, each pound of crawfish is one point. That means 1 point is earned for every pound of crawfish you buy! You also earn rewards for the amount of dollars spent on all items YEAR-ROUND!

Everyone starts each season with “0 Points” and “0 dollars spent” Sorry, points and dollars spent do NOT roll over to the next season.

What are the Rewards?

2024 Rewards

Earn Gifts for just being a Krewe of Royalty member!
Enrollment Reward!
Birthday Reward!
Random Gifts just for you!

Earn Rewards for all dining experiences!
Every $200, get $15!

Earn Rewards for Crawfish Pounds Peeled!
Every 50 Crawfish Pounds Peeled, get 1lb FREE
300 Crawfish Pounds Peeled EARNS you CRAWFISHONAIRE STATUS + all the Perks!

*Points received from pounds of crawfish peeled are not redeemable for food, gifts, or discounts. Points are only used to measure Crawfishonaire status, and GIFTS are given once certain milestones are reached. Once those gifts have been used or redeemed, they will no longer be available. Points are not deducted from your total points once a gift has been redeemed. 

Can I still earn points if I forget to add them upon dining in?

To best handle your transaction, you should present your loyalty status at the time of your visit to earn points for your transaction. Our servers should mention our loyalty program but please make sure you give the server the phone number you entered at the time of registration to look up your account and add your points upon dining in. No points will be awarded for any guest receipt or other proof of purchase presented after the time of visit.

Can I still earn points when ordering online?

You can absolutely earn points on our online platform when placing an order online for pick up at curbside. When you visit our online ordering platform, you will be asked to select curbside pick-up or in-store pick-up, and to select your location, DO NOT FORGET TO SELECT THE LOCATION WHERE YOU WANT TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER as this can easily be missed. After choosing your location, another box will pop up that asks you if you are a Krewe of Royalty member. If you have registered, you should be able to put your registered phone number in and proceed to our menu. Our system will track any amount spent and points for pounds of crawfish purchased. Third-party applications (UberEats, Favor, DoorDash, etc) cannot earn you points or rewards on the Krewe of Royalty Program. 

Can I redeem gifts on an online order?

We’re sorry but you can only redeem gifts while dining with us, at curbside or in-store pick-up. You cannot redeem gifts on the Krewe of Royalty program when placing an order online.


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